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Magic is In the Air

Can you feel it? I couldn’t feel it for quite some time. My creative juices dried up for a while and I couldn’t focus on anything writing related. Health issues, COVID, working the day job; they all contributed, but last month I told myself enough was enough.

In an attempt to reboot my writer energy, I attended the Novelists Inc (NINC) conference at St Pete beach. NINC conferences are always powerful and amazing and this one was no different. I have a long list of why it was so great (connecting or reconnecting with authors and industry folks, informative seminars, amazing food, etc.) but one magical moment occurred that I need to share with my readers. Fans of my Kindrily series will really appreciate this true story…

My long-time friend and writing partner, Megan, attended the conference with me. One night, we walked out to the beach to relax and chat about the day. We sat on beach loungers discussing our projects and I admitted I didn’t know what story to work on next. Half joking, I said, “Okay, Universe. If I’m meant to write book 4 of The Kindrily, send a shooting star within the next 5 minutes.”

Meg insisted it was not up to the universe and asked if I hoped to see a shooting star, because that would mean I want to write book 4. I insisted it wasn’t up to me. I was leaving it up to the universe. She told me I needed to make my own decisions.

Only two minutes of conversation had occurred as I said, “I miss the days when I was writing The Kindrily and it all came so easily, but…”

I was cut off by a bright, bold, shooting star streaking through the dark sky directly in front of us. It was so bright, and lasted so long, that I had time to point to it and say, “You see that, right?”

Meg said, “Yes. How can I not see it?”

Honestly, you couldn’t miss it.

The star had a long, bright tail. Then, the head of it split into two. Soul mates falling from the heavens together?

I said, “Well, the universe has spoken.”

Meg completely agreed and we were both in awe that it happened so perfectly, timely, and so blatantly in our faces. I am now required to finish book 4. The universe said so.

Megan finished the magical encounter by making me laugh hysterically. She said, “I can’t believe you asked for a shooting star in the next five minutes. And the universe said, ‘Here, hold my beer.’”

Maybe it shouldn’t surprise me that the universe communicated with me so clearly about my beloved series about magical souls who come from the stars. Still, I’m humbled by the wonderment of it and the perfectness of that moment.

Less than a month later, yesterday actually, another Wow moment occurred. I’ve been floating on air and bouncing between being crazy-excited and trying to keep my hopes in check. I can’t say more than that right now, but hopefully I will have big news to announce soon. All I can say is it involves The Kindrily and there’s a whole lot of serendipity surrounding it. *Insert big smile here*

So, that’s it for now. I’m still here. I’m reinspired. And I’m glad you’re still here too.

Guess it’s time to get to work. Cheers, Universe. I heard you loud and clear.

How about you? Any magical moments you’d like to share? As always, feel free to shoot me an email, message me on social media, or comment on my blog. I’d love to hear from you.

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