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Vitual Arcana
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Vitual Arcana

Other Tales



Virtual Reality has never been more dangerous.

Kelsey loves books and lattes, preferably together, and is the kind of girl who follows rules to the letter. Unfortunately, her twin sister is obsessed with outlawed virtual reality... a bad vice to have when the government controls everything from entertainment privileges to caffeine consumption.

When a charming book connoisseur offers Kelsey a mysterious tarot card, she unknowingly breaks the rules and ends up with her own forbidden addictions: virtual escapes into her beloved storybooks and the guy of her dreams.
As the tarot deck stacks against her, and the line between reality and fiction becomes dangerously blurred, Kelsey must decide how much she'll risk for her happy-ever-after.

Book 1 contains the first 7 cards:
#0~The Fool
#1~The Magician
#2~The High Priestess
#3~The Empress
#4~The Emperor
#5~The Hierophant
#6~The Lovers

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